Labour Hire

Temporary staffing, or labour hire, is beneficial to employers looking for flexible and affordable labour solutions, and to workers seeking employment. Indigenous Workstars is making your job easier, by providing temporary staffing solutions in addition to our permanent and contract recruitment services. We are cutting through the red tape and achieving successful outcomes for employers, candidates and our communities.



  • Access to thousands of skilled candidates across Australia.
  • Rapid response staffing solutions reduce downtime.
  • Lower hiring costs through process efficiencies.
  • Ability to meet Indigenous Participation Targets.
  • Specialised recruitment ensures you gain high-quality staff.
  • Our accomplished contingent workforce are ready to work, giving you access to hundreds of skill sets.
  • Thorough screening of candidates ensures a great job fit.
  • Backed by accomplished recruitment and training professionals.
  • Reliable and flexible labour solutions.



Employees can access jobs quickly, experience different organisations, enjoy working flexibly and access great working conditions and rates of pay.

  • Access to more jobs in one place.
  • Access to jobs that suit you.
  • Diverse work experiences.
  • Prospects for permanent employment.

Great career opportunities frequently unfold from our temporary employment contracts as employees seize these opportunities to showcase their capabilities to employers on the job.



Labour Hire services allow you to employ staff on a casual basis to work with your organisation whilst we take care of employment requirements.

Employers are simply invoiced on a weekly basis. The number of hours invoiced is determined by a signed time sheet submitted weekly. As this is casual employment the number of hours an employee works depends on your business requirements and can vary as required. The rate of pay charged to the employer includes Superannuation, PAYG, Payroll taxes, Insurances and Workcover, as this is all administered by Indigenous Workstars as part of the service.

Elements of Payroll and HR Administration:

  • Wages
  • Superannuation
  • Redundancy
  • Payroll Tax
  • PAYG Tax
  • Workers compensation
  • Performance management



Indigenous Workstars go through the full recruitment process with each applicant. The first step is our online registration and screening process.

Successful applicants are invited for an interview. This enables us to meet them face-to-face, understand their experiences, suitability, and qualifications.

We ensure compliance with inductions, licences, work health and safety requirements to ensure candidates are seamlessly transitioned into your workforce. Prior to employment we conduct reference and police checks and medical testing as required.



Candidates please register your interest via our Registration Form.

Employers please contact Don via or 0437 151 952.