Recruitment and Employment Services

We undertake a thorough assessment of your workforce needs and job requirements to ensure we find the most suitable candidates.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our specialised onsite recruiters work alongside your team to help you gain an understanding of how to successfully engage and recruit indigenous workers.


Access the Indigenous Workstars Database

Our database features over 11,000 skilled indigenous job seekers and goes beyond qualifications by exploring candidates aspirations and passions, this detail ensures you not only find the right person for the position but for your organisational culture as well.


Vacancy Advertising and Direct Marketing

Indigenous Workstars offer a direct marketing and advertising service which promotes your vacancies to our network of Jobseekers, communities and Indigenous organisations. Enquiries are driven directly back to you so you maintain control of the process.


Ongoing Support and Mentoring and Reporting

We offer a suite of ongoing post-placement support services to guarantee that your investment in new staff is well rewarded with committed employees. Services include:

  • Workplace Mentoring Programs
  • Performance Reviews
  • Process Development
  • Access to Australia Wide Mentor Network

Benefits to you, the employer

  • Access to thousands of job-ready candidates
    across Australia.    

  • Detailed job seeker profiles allowing employers to make qualified recruitment decisions. 

  • Thorough screening of candidates ensuring a great job fit.

  • Access to skilled labour in key industrial growth areas.

  • Backed by skilled recruitment and training professionals.

  • Minimal effort and time required from employers to find suitable candidates.

  • Reliable and flexible labour solutions.

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